The pvpgods of Dirty!

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The pvpgods of Dirty!

Post  Plixie on Tue 04 Aug 2009, 14:26

Once upon a time, there was 3 bored gnomes on Draenor... just waiting for the server to shut down for a major patch.

The three gnomes went to a German RPPVP server, to create some noice...

...and i think we did.


we started in IF, slowly working our way to stormwind - westfall - duskwood, stranglethorn - friggin boat with pvp hordies - durotar, and finally Orgrimmar <3

Loaded with funny spammacros on crappy german, we only used something like 2 hours to get there, but it was all worth it =D

/win for Løs xD

wuut! got one myself ^^

Die Todeskrallen... we will return!



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Re: The pvpgods of Dirty!

Post  The Cock on Wed 05 Aug 2009, 02:10


Ich habe ienen grosse schwanz!

The Cock

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