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Dirty goals

Post  Nightsoother on Mon 11 May 2009, 00:59

Dirty has been set up by a few close in-game friends. We'd like to keep things fun and relaxed, but on the other hand skilled, focused and dedicated.

Raiding :

We're not set up to raid 24/7, however our main goal will be to get/have a steady progression rate. Dirty people will raid only 3 days a week. (from approximately 20:30 till 23:30 server time; later if we feel the kill is near) As a raiding member you are expected to attend at least 4/6 raids over a 2 week span.(This is a loose quota to keep some dedication towards raiding) Should you, for any given reason, not be able to live up to this quota, you will be demoted to a social status.
There can be numerous reasons why your attendance drops, we all got a RL and RL commitments, work, exams, holidays, kids and so on. Just give a little heads up to someone from the management team, either via a quick chat in-game or a forum post. We are also very understanding if giving fair warning about not always managing to live up to the suggested quota.

Recruitment :

Dirty is working with a closed application part. We don't want people to jeapordise their current spot in their guild by making an application with us.
There is a post telling which classes are open for recruitment. If it's closed for a certain class that won't mean it's a definite no, exceptional applications will always be considered.
The routine will basically be as followed: you register on the forum, you start out by reading the rules and guidelines, then you start with your application. Take some time to fill in the template and try to impress us, making us want you into our Dirty little group. Once you have sent your application to Nightsoother(or any of the other officers) on the forum, it will get placed in a restricted area of this forum, the management and the raiders will then have a little time to give feedback or any comments on the application. Once a decision has been made the person will be notified by forum mail and is probably given a little poke in-game as well. We will try and keep the application progress down to a minimum.

Take a few of these things in mind before deciding :

You like drama.
You can't stand a raw sense of humour.
You only raid for loots.
You only come on-line on raid nights, and go off-line short after.
You can't stand criticism.
You plan on being afk more than helping.
You can't focus.
You can't listen to messages.
You can't stand being told to bend over and "get ready".

If you find yourself agreeing with a lot of those statements then I don't think Dirty is the place for you.
Another note for recruitment : we are not actively recruiting social players, so should you apply make it very clear it's for raiding or for a social spot. In the last case meaning you will need a minimum of 3 Dirty people vouching for you, or be the spouse/family.
Looking at the ranks posted below you can see which people have prio on raid-spots, should a social wish to step up for a raiding spot he/she will have to follow the same recruitment steps as someone applying to the guild. This can mean that some people will go through this process twice. Only difference being a social failing trial will get back to social.

Age :

Dirty is upholding an age limit of +18, reason for this is that we want to be free to talk about everything in our guild-chat. Should you still want to try and join us being under 18 there can be made exceptions, but those will be very rare. It's up to you to convince us you have the maturity to fit in and accept whatever we might say in /gchat without turning red in the cheeks.

Ranks within Dirty :

Guild Mistress : Nightsoother (Trixiebelle is GM atm in name aka Milfie/Bubbelina)
Dominator : Officers (Plix/Midgeon atm)
Dominator Alt : kinda obvious this one (too many to list with us serial levelers)
Minion : people with prio on all raids
Voyeur : socials, people that have stepped down from raiding, friends of guild members. They are able to join raids should there be spots left and most important their gear is on par with where we raid.
Slave : people currently on trial in Dirty
Pets : alts from raiders and socials
The Passenger : Dirty people currently not playing or only visiting and wish to keep a character here for friends.
The Cage : mutiny rank, you'll experience this when being to naughty and need a minute to cool down (also the rank you have when joining the guild , so be patient to say hi ) Zephilia's addition: Pulp Fiction teaches us that only gimps are put in the cage! Do you wanna be a gimp? :p

Dirty guild bank

Right now the guildbank is fully closed, but everything in it can be requested ingame. Normally all raiders would have minimum access but due to a few hacks in the past we have limited the person who have access(right now that would be Plix/Midgeon and Bubbelina/Milfie)

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