Dirty raid goals

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Dirty raid goals

Post  Nightsoother on Mon 11 May 2009, 01:03

Raiders must conduct to these rules, or be removed from the raid.

1. Raid leaders word is final.

2. Never pass the tanks, unless told to do so.

3. Don't talk to any npc's inside an instance until it's ok'd by the RL to do so. Don't want people to "accidental' start events or anything similar.

4. Players must bring enough flasks, pots, food and weapon-buffs to each raid.

5. Players must bring enough reagents to each raid.

6. Players must read tactics for the boss fights so you have a clear understanding of what will happen before we get there.

7. Players must show 100% focus and do not afk without asking the Raid Leader. Ask at a sensible time preferably, not before pulls.

8. Players must give adequate warning if they need to leave a raid and organize a replacement when possible.

9. Players must have the latest versions installed of all raid addons like Omen, Ora2, Bigwigs (or any other addon you might use) and make sure they are working. We don't want to wait for you mid raid because suddenly an addon is acting up or not working properly.

10. Last but not least : use the raidcalendar to sign in or out, even when you are 100% sure you can make, still sign, it helps us to have a better view on wether a raid is taking shape or not. It also shows us you are a person we can rely on to show.

11. If something comes up on short notice, please do contact either officer and say so, or post in the forum as early as u can. an ingame mail 1 hour pre raid isnt very nice.

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