Dirty loot rules

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Dirty loot rules

Post  Nightsoother on Mon 11 May 2009, 01:04

1. Loots in our guildraids are spread by the lootmaster, using epgp to make it fair.

2. Items with stats that have an obvious benefit for a specific class will be prioritized for said class. In Cata also take into account the gear bonus for only using your specific gear type, all leather, all cloth, so think twice before rolling on something else.

3. Raid members and Trials have prio over Social members on loot. (Raid member > Trial > Social Member > Raid member alt + Social alt)

4. Bind on Equip Purple items will be placed in guild bank. Raiders can buy those for epgp in the raid when they drop (mainspec only) if not bought they will be buyable for raiders, for mainspec with epgp from bank later. Leftovers are buyable for alts, socials etc for roughly 50% of the AHvalue.

5. Crystals obtained by disenchanting epics on guild raids will be placed in guild bank and will be used to spread high end enchants in the raidteam.


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