Dirty guild charter

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Dirty guild charter

Post  Nightsoother on Mon 11 May 2009, 01:04

This guild charter is a commitment between all guildies. Failure to comply will result in a demotion, or in worst case removal from the guild.

1. Raid Members must attend at least 4/6 raids on a two week basis. This to allow people with shift patterns and other real life commitments have some raiding aswell.

2. If attendance will dip below this because of holidays or short term RL commitments then the officers must be informed or a post made in the raid section.

3. If attendance is lower than this for more than a month, you will be demoted to Social Member, or fail your trial if you are a trialist.

4. You can apply to be Social Member. But to become a Social Member, you should know people in the guild and/or have a good reason to be a social in Dirty.

5. Raid Members will always have prio over Social Members when it comes to raiding and looting.

6. Alts are considered Social Members.

7. Mains will always have prio over alts. (i.e. Social Member Main > Raiding Member Alt).

8. Every member is an ambassador to the guild and must behave as such at all times.

9. No spamming chat channels or acting rudely towards other players/guildmembers.

10. As an active member of Dirty you will read and participate in the community on this forum.

11. Raid Members wishing to swap mains will have to apply the new main as a trial, and follow the same rules as all trials.

12. Social Members wishing to become Raid Members will have to apply for trial spot, and follow the same rules as all trials.

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